Project Components

  • Regional Access Coordinators to provide information and referral services, and facilitate the movement of children through the child welfare system. One telephone call to a RAC is the equivalent of separate referrals to all ten Alliance partners and network members.
  • Child and Family Special Case Team to problem-solve challenging cases.
  • Alliance Website that will make available current and relevant child welfare information including "real time" data on service and placement availability.
  • Comprehensive Resource Database of providers and services available across the state accessible via the web site.
  • Service Availability Report, a process for the collection and distribution of current data on open beds in family foster care, residential facilities, shelter care, and adoption homes across the state.
  • Family Foster Care Enhancement which is a foster care awareness and recruitment campaign.

Goals of the C.A.R.E. Project

  • To locate resources more quickly and efficiently.
  • To overcome barriers and challenges to service access.
  • To secure services/placements that most appropriately meet the needs of the child.
  • To reduce the occurrence of inappropriate placements and multiple placements.
  • To increase community-based service capacity and utilization, specifically family foster care.
  • To reduce out-of-state placements for children.


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