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Childhood Won’t Wait for West Virginia Children in Care

Hundreds of children are leaving West Virginia’s child welfare system unprepared to become members of our workforce. Time won’t stop this from happening as we debate how we implement known solutions that will strengthen their success and the success of the West Virginia economy. Bold action through executive, legislative and judicial leadership is critical so that children can make the most of their last opportunity to overcome challenges before entering adulthood.

Children need to receive care close to their families and communities.
Prevent any child from being sent out-of-state for treatment through public policy, executive and judicial leadership.
Develop capacity and services to meet the needs of children in care.

Children need a coordinated, productive and accountable effort to provide them with needed services.
Organize and staff independent local structures to conduct MDTs.

The rights of children, biological parents and foster parents must be protected.
Provide for the dissemination of "rights" information and include procedures for problem resolution.
Develop a neutral entity with staff that will actively advocate on behalf of children and families.

Ensure that out-of-home providers caring for children have the resources necessary to meet their needs.
Implement a rate setting methodology that is predictable and reimburses actual costs.

Help children early, by investing in prevention programs that get proven results.

Support services such as family preservation, family support, Truancy Diversion, respite, community-based teams, intensive day treatment and in-home services.

Define and implement measures so that West Virginia children are never again "out of sight, out of mind."
Establish a regular system assessment that measures and reports the progress of system reform to the West Virginia Legislature.