About Alliance for Children

Formed in 1997, the Alliance for Children is an innovative partnership of leading West Virginia private child welfare organizations with over 780 combined years of experience serving the child welfare and behavioral health needs of West Virginia's children and families.

The Alliance makes significant contributions in the areas of service and public development, professional education and training, and the advancement of practice standards at the local, state, national and international levels.

Recognized for the contributions made toward improving the quality of life for West Virginia’s most vulnerable citizens – our children – the Alliance and its members are guided by many business, religious and community leaders who serve in key advisory and policy-making roles on Boards and Committees.

It is the sum total of each member agency’s Board, staff and volunteers that give the Alliance its ability to serve West Virginia today and in the future.

As a partnership of licensed, nationally accredited agencies, the Alliance is committed to creating positive solutions for West Virginia’s children, families and communities.

The members of the Alliance for Children offer a broad variety of statewide services from 62 locations, the Alliance reaches approximately 14,000 children and youth each year in all 55 counties of West Virginia and employs more than 1,500 individuals.

Our Values

We believe in strategies to ensure a safe, stable nurturing environment for every child.
We work to support, strengthen and preserve families.
We provide the children and families we serve with access to an integrated and comprehensive array of services.
Our clients are to be treated with dignity and actively participate in decisions that affect their lives.
Our services are mission driven, client centered and outcome focused.
Our services meet the highest standards of quality and cost effectiveness.
We are responsive and accountable to our clients, contributors, funding sources, referral sources and our communities.




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